Fortnite Black Hole.jpeg

By now you would have possibly heard, read or seen the infamous Fornite black hole.

This is the image currently displaying on gamers screens while the popular games server is down undergoing a redesign.

The image is genius in itself, as it adds an element of otherworldly things and instantly creates a mixed feeling of bemusement and of anticipation.

Not only are users waiting patiently by their Xbox, Playstation or other gaming weapon of choice, but they are actively searching for reasons for the now-famous black hole to morph into a second-generation playing map that will display on their screens.

It is a clever marketing concept to make the most of a server refresh.

Not only is the Fornite black hole a topic trending across the internet, gamers are commenting in huge numbers across social media platforms.

Every mystery needs a conspiracy and in the case of Fortnite, the global rumour is that billionaire Elon Musk, who despises the game has purchased rights to it only to shut it down.

Firstly, gamers of all ages wanted to know what was going on with the world’s number 1 ranked free game.

The intrigue quickly turned from shock and awe into questions and anticipation of what to expect after the game is working again.

To add to the intrigue now a random code of numbers are displaying on the screen.

When users convert those numbers to their adjoining letters of the alphabet they spell out a cryptic message.

There is also a secret minigame on black hole screen. According to Forbes article if you enter this Konami Code you can play it.

↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A START (enter)

I can only imagine the numbers of players that are eagerly awaiting the return of this popular game, in the meantime, from a marketing plan perspective we say well played Epic Games, well played.

fortnite video game on switch.jpg

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