Update. Facebook has announced they are removing the grey badges from pages.

These badges were authenticity indicators allowing visitors to the page to know that the business they are looking at is legitimate.

It is reported that page owners will begin seeing notices via their pages this week and the changes will take effect at the end of Oct 2019.

Going forward, for a business to prove they are legit it will be more important than ever to ensure your page has all the correct information and that your information is up to date.

We also suggested that regular posting to your page will also assist in your efforts. Visitors often look to see if the content is fresh, if you have not posted in a long time, potential customers may think you are no longer operational.

Pro tips: If you have a physical business location make sure you utilise the map function. A physical location is a strong indicator of a legitimate business operation.

If you don’t, we recommend posting more staff pictures and any behind the scenes updates you can to show the business in action.

Reviews from happy clients are a good signal, utilise the feedback tools and ratings from your Facebook settings.

grey badge being removed from Facebook.png

Find out more about the Sydney Yoga Collective, we think they awsome:

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