TraveLiaison is the newest travel-tech on the block in the Australian market. Launched this week at the Travel Industry Exhibition, TraveLiaison is the concept-come-tech-reality of Sydney women Martine Nagle.

The technological based solution is a simple concept, an online platform available via desktop or smart phone, where travellers can search by destination or experience and be connected directly with an accredited travel agent.

The lead generation tool promises to deliver qualified customers directly to travel agents.

“It just makes sense,” says Martie Nagle, founder of TraveLiaison, the latest digital entrant to the travel sector, promising great opportunity.

“Our travel platform connects travellers with agents and their best deals instantly – creating a competitive option for the consumer and delivering new customers directly to agent’s inboxes.” Says Martie.

TraveLiaison is at its core, a lead generating, travel brokerage, connecting interested travellers with the Australian travel agents. It is a smart, easy to use digital platform where agents can also cheaply advertise their best deals and packages. There is no direct to supplier option, with the purpose to connect travellers with agents to create bespoke itineraries.

“There is no doubt that travel has become a different landscape with consumers having the option to research and book online where they would have used an agent in the past.

“The problem that travellers are now facing is that when a world event like a volcano eruption occurs, they have no insurance, no practical way to change plans and no guarantees.

“TraveLiaison aims to give control and the perception of value still – and it is a perception, as usually, a travel agent will end up costing less than going direct, while travel agents make the arrangements and also deliver peace of mind.”

For now, it costs nothing to use the platform. Initially, it is free for agents to sign up and offer their services – except for the ‘special deals’ section, where pre-packaged holidays will be listed and promoted for a small fee. Consumers can log on and research like any other competitor option.

“We want to create options and introductions. Many people would use a travel agent if they knew one is the assumption we are riding on.”

For a simple idea, the success will be in the execution of smart marketing and delivery of customers to the platform. It will be a process of re-educating and re-introducing the concept of using a travel agent to assist a generation used to the DIY option.

For more information about TraveLiaison please contact Martie Nagle on 0413 00 537 or or reach out to POPCOM and we will put you in touch.


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