Instagram is experiencing huge growth and is one of the most exciting social media platforms at present.

It has been the fastest growing social media platform with over 300,000,000 current users and higher reported higher rates of engagement then Facebook.

There is lots of room for current business to use Instagram to grow especially given that at present it is still a free platform to use and acquire followers on.

Instagram is where Facebook used to be, those who take advantage of this while it is still in the earlier developmental days for business growth will be at an advantage later on.

Growth strategies:

1. Use the right hashtags

#hashtags categorises conversations into particular topics. Use hashtags by finding out which are the popular hashtags within your industry. Check out your competitors, look at what your followers are looking at, look at what your target audience is looking up. Look up trending hashtags and piggy back of these too.

2. Filter your way beautiful

Consider filters as an essential tool too. Some filters have proven to be more popular and attract higher engagement levels. Look to see what filters your competitors seem to be using. Importantly, stick with a consistent look and feel.

3. Actively engage

Comment on other posts, find a particular audience that are following a particular #hashtag and then comment on their posts.

You are 401% more likely to get a follow back using this technique according to Quick Sprout statistics.

4. Call to action from your bio

On your bio you only have one opportunity to link out. This link can be rotated. So change this call to action to match what is happening in your business. So link to website, then to a sale, then to event, etc.

You can also change the content in the bio to match this call to action.

5. Keep an insta tool box

Use Iconosquare to see which of your posts got the most engagement, look at your follower growth over a period of time.

Consider Bitly to create a Bitly link and see how many are clicking through from the link.

Easy steps to setting up a successful Instagram account:

1.   Set up your profile

2.   Set up a bank of images

3.   Capture day to day spontaneous images and share

4.   Reach new audiences via hashtags, look out for opportunities for partnerships with larger accounts, asking what you can do for them to get a shout out for your business. 

Using Instagram successfully can open up an entire new audience for your business. It is also a great tool for internal communication – get your employees to follow and provide some post inspirations. It is a great way to keep everyone up to date with what is going on with the organisation in an inclusive way.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words.