In today’s technical word, the need for instant response messages has become one of the leading options in a marketer’s toolkit.

Messages must be clear, concise, geared towards the intended audience and be just the right amount of time. Too short the message may not have sunk in, too long and the receiver may have tuned out.

Enter video. Well not enter the video, we have had this option at our disposal for some time but I do believe we are now seeing clearer benefits to video’s both pre-recorded and live, for market segment engagement.

If you use Facebook for business marketing, you will have noticed that it has become more difficult to get your advert and posts displayed; that is to show up in the reach. It makes it difficult to obtain user engagement and find your market segment and prospects if your content is not even showing up in the news feed.  

Video can assist with this. After recent changes, Facebook has shown favour to video over traditional posts. As a test, try using Facebook Live or upload a video directly to your Facebook post, you will see that your reach has improved.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Ten years ago, most of what we shared and consumed online was text. Now it’s photos, and soon most of it will be video. We see a world that is video first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.” 

A personalised video on any social media or online site, has the unique ability to connect you intimately with your customers. Face to face interviews and transactions have always ensured a greater outcome. Video’s make you a real person; someone that clients can connect with, someone that they would like to do business with. Statistics on video also suggested that this connection reduces the time between an introduction to a product or service, and taking an offering and closing the sale.

Other forms of video have proved just as advantages. Eye-catching animations are a popular choice for corporate campaigns, were consistent messaging and overall feel can be controlled with useful effect and outcome. They are particularly useful in creating brand awareness.

The key to any video usage in a marketing campaign is to understand your customer and know what is going to appeal to them, whilst creating the right brand awareness and image that speaks to your business. Also, it is important to consider the devices that these videos will be viewed on. Always check to ensure that the videos used are compatible across desktop, laptop, tablet and phones.

If you would like more information about the advantage of using video as a part of your communications tool-kit, please drop us a line. We would love to chat about some of our recent outcomes.