Social media changes rapidly, with trends hitting hard and fast. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things to anticipate in 2017:


1.     The rise of social media messaging


Messaging within social media networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat is predicted to rise with Millennials using it as their preferred channel of communication. Messaging allows for one-on-one communication and transparency. Businesses will be taking advantage of this by redirecting click throughs to a chat window.


2.     Use of live video content


Live video content is becoming more popular with platforms like Instagram trialling out this option. The attraction of authentic, unfiltered and unedited content is desirable because of its honest experience.


3.     Augmented reality


Snapchat was one of the first platforms to use make augmented reality mainstream with their various filters. There are no signs that this is going to slow down, and there is much progress to be made.


4.     Increase in paid social media advertising


With leads from organic traffic is becoming increasingly difficult, businesses will be spending more on social media advertising. A change in the Facebook algorithms means posts shared by family and friends will have more priority than brands. Businesses will have to pay to have their content prioritised.


5.     Social Commerce


It’s not surprising that social platforms will try monetise their traffic, however it is still an unknown whether users will trust it enough to make purchases. Pinterest and Twitter have already starting trialling this by allowing users to purchase items they’ve come across.


So, there you have it, our top five trends for 2017.


By Jennifer Huynh