About to make your next hire? How do you know if the well presented, educated and impressive candidate sitting across from you isn’t going to misrepresent your brand, and turn out to be completely full of it?


Never fear, UK based start-up Veris Benchmarks has developed a free, online profiling test to, based on a personality analysis algorithm, to suggest how well potential new recruits will fit into a team.


Designed for pre-employment assessment, the profiling test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and takes around 15 minutes to complete.


According to the Veris Benchmarks website:


“The Veris Prime™ assessment is a short measure of personal trustworthiness. This assessment is simple to take, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions, requires only about ten minutes to complete, and can be accomplished on most internet browsers.  A score report is provided immediately.”


Take the test for yourself and see how your results stack up.


By Amanda Lacey