As we recover our wallet from Christmas, it seems another commercial holiday is creeping up around the corner. Valentine’s Day. The day to prove your love to your partner with ridiculously expensive, long-stemmed roses or a fine dining experience.


Not saying these occasions aren’t enjoyable, but are they meaningful anymore? Is your partner showering you in presents as an intrinsic token of affection or is it a response to social pressures?


Either way, we can fight the commercialisation of holidays by adding personal touches such as:


1.     Making something


Avoid the stampede to the shops and make something that is more heartfelt yourself. Use these opportunities as a time to express how much you know about the other person. This makes purchasing gifts like chocolate covered nuts a disappointing alternative.


2.     Writing something


A penny for your thoughts. Instead of trying to show someone how you feel through gestures, why not just tell them? A sincere card or letter will have more impact on someone than giving them something they didn’t need. Kind words and thoughts can’t be bought.



3.     Celebrating your own milestones


Instead of holding out for the big 3 or so occasions every year, choose your own milestones to celebrate, however big or small. Your friends and family will feel extra special knowing that you’re emotionally present for all their changes and success.


Let’s take back our holidays and make them our own.