For years now we have been hearing about how journalism is a dying trade. Not according to the Washington Post who plan to hire 'dozens' of new journalists in 2017.

The desire to produce compelling content for hungry audiences is as strong as ever. I have seen this through my own business at POPCOM and also by the amount of new content that is coming out every day, every hour, every minute on the websites that I visit. 

This morning I have read that the Washington Post plans on hiring dozens of new journalists the feed the hungry content beast. Specifically the article says:

"Next year, the Post plans to add a "rapid-response" investigative team and expand its video journalism, especially its mobile video production. Journalists will also be added to the Post’s breaking news team, and the publisher will invest in its podcasts, photography and mobile."

This is good news. It also reminds us that the journalists are not just people sitting at a typewriter. Journalism is video, photography, copy, podcasts all optimised to be viewed or consumed on your mobile phone. And I love it!

Our POPCOM motto is to "tell better stories". By investing in the story makers, we will all be richer.


Amanda Lacey

Managing Director




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