Content marketing has become increasingly popular due to the recognition of its impact on brand recall, engagement and conversion rates. Instead of just churning out blog posts and articles, it is important to plan and get the most out of your efforts. Here are 10 other ways to get the most from your content marketer, by asking them to:

1.     Generate and manage content ideas. Not all content is good content. Ask your marketer to be the keeper and manager of content ideas which will act as a quality assurance barrier. 


2.     Act as a blog editor; this will help with the output of frequent, consistent and streamlined blog articles.


3.     Be supportive to internal writers and executives; they can be overwhelmed and time poor. Your marketer’s support can make the difference between consistent content and ad hoc content.


4.     Manage all content promotion effectively; this could mean sharing the content along all appropriate channels or re-hashing old content that is still relevant.


5.     Source and manage guest contributors and freelancers; spicing up your content with a different touch now and then will keep readers engaged and loyal.


6.     Act as a reporter on relevant industry events; displaying behind the scenes moments of your own organization or others will provide a fun and intimate vibe.


7.     Find low cost and low effort ideas for expansion; whether if that’s creating new initiatives like video or podcasts or finding different platforms to reach.


8.     Curate content; content can be time exhaustive. Curating content by doing things such as doing round-ups and infographics is low effort and high impact.


9.     Utilise data and analytics; knowing what works and what doesn’t will improve strategy and budget.


10.  Manage a content a calendar; no events or campaigns will be a missed opportunity if they are anticipated and organised.



Jennifer Huynh