In case you haven't seen it, the Spring Australian Lamb 2016 campaign has officially been launched by Meat and Livestock Australia and it is a good one.

The commercial is around a minute and a half long and manages to capture all classes, races and types of Australians in one upbeat and inclusive shot. 

On the style and culturally inclusive nature of the commercial, Meat and Livestock Australia marketing director Andrew Howie said:

“I think you only have to look around any day and see Australia’s multicultural mix continues to evolve and what it means to me is that Australia’s always changing. We have touched on that and started to build a real theme with our work.

“But what we discovered when we started digging was the insight that advertising and marketing hasn’t really kept pace with Australia and how Australia’s moved on. What you see on TV very much reflects yesterday in Australia. Given lamb is Australia’s favourite meat we really wanted to right that wrong.

“We really thought it was important to highlight that when you watch TV and what you see in the broader media does not reflect what Australia truly looks like."

 Hats off to creative agency The Monkeys, I am sure more awards will be rolling their way. 

I have never been prouder to be a beige white. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we have. I know what I will be buying for dinner tonight.

By Amanda Lacey