Rewards and marketing have always gone hand in hand. One cool new promotion we have come across is #EatYourRun an initiative of shoe company Kalenji

To promote the new shoe called 'Eliorun', Kalenji teamed up with Rosapark agency created a brilliant campaign that reframes the act of running to associate it with pleasure. They have done this by rewarding runners with a gourmet meal equivalent to the value of the kilometers they have run at a Paris restaurant.

Participants were given a pair of Eliorun shoes and monitored how many kilometers they ran in them. Two weeks later Kalenji invited the participants to dinner where they could cash in the kilometers for courses of food at Parisian restaurant 6 Paul Bert. 

#EatYourRun was a successful publicity campaign largely due to the synchronisation of the brand, product and outcome; running equals pleasure.

By Amanda Lacey