We all know that for centuries word of mouth marketing (WOMM) has defined the rise, fall and success of business. 


"Since a penny was first paid for a service, there has never been a better recommendation than the praise of a satisfied client or customer." 


Testimonials on your website or in company advertising don't greatly improve your branding, but we know, if that same endorsement is shared on social media your reputation and client appeal just gained credibility in 'real terms.'    


So why is it that when many companies are praised for providing professional services or products by clients they don't encourage digital endorsement?


It's a small ask and it is the best unpaid advertising imaginable right now ... outside of Pokemon Go, of course.


You can easily think of how ingenious marketing strategies can help build your company's reputation. 


Take the travel agency, for example, that in emailing through holiday itineraries to their clients, they encourage them to enter a 'win another holiday competition.'


To win all you need to do is post on social media images from your recent trip recommending the best sights for people to see through the company's hashtag.


With the advent of social media a decade ago, word of mouth marketing became instantaneous in its reputation building.


You know your company better than anyone, so you have the building blocks of how you can better your online endorsement. 


The key piece of advice, however, is that persistence is key. 


To elaborate on a defining term from PM Malcolm Turnbull, 'there's never been a better time to be alive' ... and in business. 


We operate in a global marketplace that is as boundless as our own imaginations. So success rests right there with our own fingers on the keyboard.    



By Matt Deans

@deansy is a career media professional and online business developer.