As social media experts, we get a lot of questions from our clients, prospective clients, parents, friends and strangers on the street (well, maybe not strangers) about the various types of social media available and how and why it can and should be used.


So, we decided to put together a quick collection of articles explaining in plain, easy to understand language about the types of social media available.


First up, SnapChat.


SnapChat – Est. 2011.



After a quick lesson from our wonderful 21-year-old Intern Amelia, plus a bit of extra research and education, I am labelling SnapChat as the next big thing for business.


SnapChat has a reputation for being the ‘sexting’ medium of Gen Z, but it has excellent potential for marketing purposes.


SnapChat allows users to send a short image or video that expires within a pre selected amount of time up to ten seconds. The image or video can only be sent to ‘friends’, which are actually subscribers to you.


How can this be used for marketing? Think if you were a night-club, you could use this the same way the other consumers do - you can send your friends a short clip of the dance floor, full of happy patrons having a great time, creating a ‘wish I was there’ desire (remember Maslow’s diagram?).


A beauty salon could do the same thing with a blissful, holistic image and retail can easily display the latest in-store collection.


So that is SnapChat and how it can be used.


If you have more questions or want to create a social media strategy to engage with your audience and build your brand, drop us a line at Popcom, we are happy to help.


Amanda Lacey