By now, everyone knows that having a summary on your LinkedIn profile boosts your search results. But writing about you is never easy. So here at Popcom, we have put together a short list to help you write a killer summary.


1.  Speak in the first person.

Don’t refer to yourself in the third person. When I am talking to my friends, colleagues and future employers, I don’t say:

“Amanda has excellent attention to detail”. I say, “I can spot a typo a mile off”.

The LinkedIn summary section is an opportunity for you to talk about yourself, in your own voice.


2.  Think about what you want other professionals to know about you and write in down in a list.

For my profile, I wanted people to know that I am young(ish) or fresh, professional, experienced, educated and a little obsessed with style and branding.

From here, I worked these themes in by creating a cute story about myself, starting with a cake stall in school and ending with me running my own business.


3.  Include a call to action with your current contact details.

“I am working in in tax assessment for SME’s. If you need any help in this area, please give me a call - I am always looking for new clients and contacts. My number is 0418 448 570 and email is


4.  Add a little SEO.

If you are actively looking for a new job, do a search on the positions you want, and work some of the key words into your summary. LinkedIn is an extension of your resume and potential employers will look at it.


5.  Avoid buzz-words.

Where there is an audience, there has been a survey. In 2014, the following words were identified as being overused on LinkedIn: motivated, passionate, creative, driven, extensive experience, responsible, strategic, track record, organisational and expert. So if you can, try to be original and keep these words to a minimum.


If you are still struggling, have a look at other peoples profiles (including mine) for inspiration. If you are still stuck, consider outsourcing.


Contact Amanda at Popcom if you would like more information, or further help to write your LinkedIn summary