What is it?

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". 240 million people worldwide are on twitter.


Why do we want to use it as a business?

  • It allows your followers a behind the scenes look at your business by creating and capturing conversation.  
  • Conveys a brands personality by sharing industry news or commenting on a topic.
  • All major brands are on twitter
  • Another channel to engage and connect with stakeholders.


How do we use it effectively?

The idea is to grow the number of followers you have. By building followers you can expand on existing relationships and clients, expand your network and build your profile. To build followers you need to add value to the twitter community.

Once a twitter account is created, you must commit to otherwise it will look stale. Commitment means one to two posts per day.


What do you post on twitter?

  • Articles, case studies and media events can be tweeted.
  • Comments on other peoples “tweets” which will give an insight to your personality.
  • Current news stories – there are always link to twitter icons with online news.
  • Industry updates.
  • Staff movement updates, promotions.



  • Listen to what your twitter network is saying.
  • If you can add value to a conversation, make a comment.
  • Complete the profile information about yourself so people know who they are taking too.
  • Whenever you are referencing another Twitter user, use his name with an @ sign in the front so that the user can see that you mentioned him and so that other users see who you're talking about.
  • Use hashtags (#) frequently so what you have written can be easily searched later and to also give context.


Common terminology:

twitter cheat.png

Other tips:

When setting up your personal account, choose an appropriate username, keeping in mind:

  • Be specific
  • 15 Characters max
  • No underscore or punctuation (hard to type on phone)
  • Avoid numbers
  • Use your own up to date photo.


For more information on how to use Twitter for your business contact amanda@popcom.com.au.