It's time to clear out your marketing tool belts and make some room ladies and gentlemen because Santa has come early! You have obviously been good this year because I would like to introduce you to six programs that have been created to make your life and workload a whole lot easier.


Let me begin by introducing Canva is EVERYTHING you need for amazing design. If Photoshop isn't your forte then join the club…seriously join, it's free (subscription upgrades are available). The program enables you to create imaginative and fun images that are suitable for all your marketing needs- from social media posts, and presentations to creating ready-to-print brochures and business cards. Canva provides its users with millions of images, filters, icons, shapes, and a huge range of fonts to choose from. 

Keeping on the visual path, we have Now I wish I could present this pitch to you on Prezi, but for obvious reasons I can't, so you'll have you try it out for yourself. Giving boring old power point presentations a whole new life, this visual storytelling program allows for a seamless presentation that’s far more engaging and interesting. 


Now, if you’re anything like me then you’ll understand how hard it is to find anything maths or statistic related interesting. By some miracle, has managed to do so, specialising in creating infographics that allow you to visualise your data and information with charts and text. By simply using the wide range of colours and fonts…voila, you have yourself a unique and interesting way to present your stats. 

The use of correct grammar is like the icing on the top of an already delicious cake. But after spending hours slaving over the keyboard, it can be hard to spot those pesky little errors. So without further adduce, I give you This site corrects over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, catches contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be covered on most of web based forums (email, Facebook, twitter etc.) so rest easy at night knowing your boss isn’t judging your ability to construct a sentence.


To top off your perfect body of writing, you may need the perfect headline to match. Well, can help. Type in your potential line and the generator will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and search engine optimisation value.


And, last but not least...


I love love love Google Drive! The perfect storage and communication forum. Use it for your own personal file storage, or to share documents and resources around the office. Simply create or upload a file, and share it. gives the ‘sharer’ the ability to share documents as ‘read only’ files or alternately others can ‘read and edit’ files. I say we should start a movement to put a stop to all the emails back and forth and the million saved versions of one thing on your computer.


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By Amelia Pridham